brain power – Fierce like Beyonce

The brain has a business to run – your body.
It runs everything, that runs everything, in YOUR body.
It keeps our blood flowing, keeps us breathing, it reacts to intruders, it shuts sh!7 down when things get crazy and than sends help to smooth things out.

Your brain is basically Beyonce strutting across the stage like a gazelle, laser focus.
Every day.
Like this:

Beyonce I mean your brain! only needs a few specific foods to run at optimum levels.

This post is going to set you up with the information you need to give your brain what it wants so it can perform at it’s most optimal and fierce best.

3 things your brain wants / needs

1. water

Our brain, at it’s best, is 80% water and that makes it numero uno on our brain food list.

I know you may have expected something fancy like white goji berries grown in the snowy mountains of the Arctic but alas no – it’s just water.

Interesting Fact – As little as 2% loss of water to the brain can cause fatigue, confusion and brain fog.
i.e. a 150 lb person would have to lose 1.8 lbs of water (2%).

Water, really? That’s good news!
It’s easy to do, and we all have access.
The multiple positive effects of hydration keep the whole body happy and can clear that brain fog.

Here’s some ways to include more water in your day…

  • Drink a glass as soon as you wake up. Don’t even question it. Eyes open, roll over, DRINK!
  • Have a glass before every meal.

That’s 4 glasses right there just by attaching water to a routine you know you will always have, waking up and eating! Easy, let’s keep going.

  • Include a glass of water automatically with every coffee, tea or alcoholic drink.
  • Erase all soda in your life and replace it with water.

how much water do we need?

Aim for 8 glasses but it’s more like 11 for women and 14 for men.
Do the best you can.
It can be a challenge in the beginning but will very quickly become a part of your routine and cravings.
Note: Water should be at room temperature for maximum absorption by the body.

2. omega-3’s (fish, eggs, veggies, protein)

Omega 3’s build up and protect cell membranes of the brain.

You see our brain cells are talking to each other constantly, this is how our brain runs the show.

If the cell membranes aren’t kept healthy they can’t ‘hear’ each other and that’s when things go offside like brain fog, depression, memory and anxiety.

Our bodies do not MAKE omega-3’s.
We need to make that conscious effort
to bring them in through food.

So where can we get Omega-3’s?

Cold water fish like mackerel, wild salmon and the absolute best – caviar.
Interesting Fact: Caviar’s nutritional content mirrors that of the brain the most closely.

Consuming just 3 oz of DHA (omega 3 from seafood and algae) per day reduces 70% of Alzeheimers risk.
Brain Food by Dr Lisa Mosconi

This might not be your jam though, so here’s more omega 3 superstars.

Flax seeds
Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Cold Pressed is best
Pasture fed animals
Sun soaked plants (organic)
Happy eggs from your local farm (true free range)

3. berries and dark chocolate

Berries that are bright in colour are antioxidant rich, and naturally hydrating, like black berries, blueberries, and cranberries.
They also help reduce inflammation and improve signaling in the brain .

Dark chocolate is also high in antioxidants, and reduces cell & tissue damage (oxidative stress).
A natural mood booster, dark chocolate increases endorphin production and can assist in memory loss prevention with it’s flavanol content.

There you have it, your Beyonce brain has set out it’s requirements for optimal performance levels and no red M&M’s requested.

try these easy ways to improve and protect your brain here:

Ok so you know how all the facts and information on what foods feed and protect your brain.
I’m including this little cheat sheet to set you up for success.
Go on now – Be Fierce!

1. Drink water – when you awaken, before you eat and with each caffeinated or alcoholic beverage.

2. Eat cold water fish when possible, wild is best, 3oz is enough per day. That’s a big ask. Alternatively look into some organic supplements from your local health food store I am fond of Krill Oil.

3. Smash up almonds or walnuts to have on hand to add to salads, granola, baking, yogurt, basically everything.

4. Source some organic concentrated blueberry/blackberry juice and load up on this super food quickly, or enjoy fresh or frozen in endless meals/snacks.

5. Avocado’s – on toast, in a homemade guacamole or in a salad.

6. Dark chocolate 70% or higher, no more calories than you can burn.

Chocolate Lovers Brain Boosting Smoothie

Brain boosting recipes are on the way!

We want you to reap the rewards of an awesome brain and life in the most delicious ways possible.
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