Amazing jar hack

If you thought your jars could not be saved after housing salsa or spaghetti sauce read on.

This picture has NOTHING to do with my jar hack:

But tik tok is blowing up with the cherry tomato & feta bake so I’m piggy backing on that.

My bad I know.

I have many recipes that require jar storage but I don’t want to go blow a bunch of cash out on assorted mason jar shopping.

Fact is you cannot wash the smell of a salsa or pickle jar out no matter how long you soak it or how many good vibes you send it. But there is a way.

Wash it. Dry completely. Place in the freezer for 2 days.

There it is.

All those big, small, short, skinny jars are now yours use on your own garlicky creations!

And no need to worry about your fresh and beautiful cashew milk taking on an oregano/ garlic level of flavour.

Cause that’s just a real kick in the pants and we all have other places to put our energy don’t we?

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