Pit STOPS Here

Changing my health one product at a time

In March of 2020 COVID entered our lives and we were told to ‘restez a la maison’ (stay home) 6 ways to Sunday,
I made a decision to make this lock down time worthwhile.
I started a few experiments (on myself) the first one was to stop wearing deodorant.

I had a few things on the go as far as ‘lets see what happens here’ but this one was potentially the most offensive one.

Lock-down seemed like a great time to try this.
We weren’t going anywhere and no one was coming to visit so why not right?

There were a few catalysts for this decision:

1. CNE Program – I went through the Academy of Culinary Nutrition to learn about Culinary Nutrition and it creaked open the door to a lot of valuable life information.

2. Started the process of addressing my growing bucket of scary topics kept in my brain (and in my Notes app on my phone) things I plan to investigate further but never do.

3. Read a lot of articles and listened to smart people on podcasts – found this post on DIY natural deodorant on Meghan Telpner’s blog and got inspired.

4. Procrastination – one of my secret tools to creativity. Give me a deadline and I will find 21 things to do that have nothing to do with that deadline.

Ya I’d heard about how aluminum has been linked to neurotoxicity, Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer many, many times before the post on Megan Telpner’s blog but never took the time to really dig in and pursue it.

If this wasn’t the perfect time, well…
No, it WAS definitely the perfect time so I went for it.
This is the story of how I took my health (and my armpits) into my own hands and took the first step in discovering a healthy alternative to an unhealthy life long relationship with deodorant.

In my mind this lock down was going to be about a month.
Not a scientist but I did the math and that should have been PLENTY of time to shut this shit down.
In turn that gave me enough time to test a natural option for deodorant and maybe detox some of this aluminum from my body parts and brain.

the initial armpit detox

First step was to give my armpits a complete vacation from everything.

Not going to lie, first few days I wanted to get away from myself and had to make a conscious effort NOT to drape my arms over any furniture, or fabric of any kind for that matter.
Also no yelling hurray with my arms up for any reason.

the shopping list

Next step was to make a DIY deodorant substitute comprised of all natural ingredients:

Baking soda (non aluminum from health food store)
Arrowroot powder (Bob’s Red Mill)
Coconut oil (virgin)
Essential oil (one with antiseptic properties like tea tree or peppermint)

I’m a huge believer in working with what you’ve got, so I used peppermint essential oil.
Yes, it was really weird and I smelled like toothpaste, but my brain cells were breathing a sigh of relief so the trade-off was worth it.
Everything else I had to buy.

hello armpit meet fingers

Serious question for you.
When was the last time you touched your armpits?
The shower doesn’t count.
Ya, that WAS me too. It’s a strange thing this armpit touching, because when you start using a natural deodorant, the application is with your fingers cause it’s in a jar as a cream not in stick form.

So it begins, you start touching, rubbing (is it getting hot in here?) your armpits for like the FIRST TIME EVER?!

How long has this part of your body been scraped, suppressed and ignored for – I’m going to hazard a guess at your WHOLE adult life?
Be prepared.
There’s an emotional salad of weird, sad and strange that goes along with this re connection of the forbidden armpit and the mind.

what does San Quentin have to do with my armpits

I love a good podcast. A podcast that makes you feel like you’re sitting in your friends living room and they’re talking to you about _____ (whatever interests you) and they actually KNOW what they’re talking about.
Mostly I listen to Health and Nutrition podcasts, but I find time for a good old fashioned Theater of the Mind thing as well as some Soulful Find Yourself stuff as well.
And than there’s Ear Hustle, which is in it’s own category.

Ear Hustle is a podcast broadcast straight out of San Quentin prison.
It takes you right into those walls and what its like for those who live within them, in their words, from their mouths.
No scripts or endorsement deals here.
Doesn’t get realer folks.

So what does San Quentin prison have to do with my armpits?
Eddie and Emile DeWeaver – that’s what.
Brothers and cell mates.

They are on year 20 of a 26 to life sentence.
In this episode they talk about how they’re getting on each other’s nerves in these close quarters (cell).
Things really escalate when Eddie stops wearing deodorant.
They get into a fight about it and Eddie says to his brother in defense of his state of au natural:

They say the aluminum in the antiperspirant deodorants and stuff will cause like memory loss or Alzheimer’s when you get older, and I was like, “Why would I poison myself like that?

Eddie DeWeaver, Ear Hustle Podcast, Season 1 Episode Cellie’s

Why would we want to poison ourselves like that? Those words stayed with me.
Wow great question Eddie.
These guys have been in lock-down and will continue to be for a long time still and yet they care more about their future health than most of us on the outside!
Maybe one lesson here is that when you lose all your stuff and freedom, you still have your mind and body.
If you take care of them.

Here’s the episode for those interested Ear Hustle Cellie’s
It’s a surprising look into the dynamics of the prisoners, and all the challenges they encounter – like they’re armpits.
Boom full circle.

and the verdict is…

The natural deodorant I make WORKS.

One very interesting thing I noticed is the difference in odour when it wears off – say in the morning.
With regular deodorant, when it would wear off during the day, morning was like POW get in the shower NOW girl!

With natural deodorant, it’s not like that.
Maybe it’s because you’re not slathering all your sweat ducts with chemicals, I don’t know …yet.

All these years of possibly adding harmful ingredients to my self!
Paying for it gladly.
Here you go -take my money!
Like everyone else who’s contributing to this 18 billion dollar industry.

Sign me up for neurotoxicity please with a side order of breast cancer!

I have many swear words for this but don’t know who to blame – I mean I BOUGHT the stuff.
Not knowing seems like a cop out, especially when I’d read about the possibilities of harm from aluminum in deodorant.

I didn’t know there was an alternative.
Never once did I see an aluminum free deodorant advertised on TV or in a magazine or even the newspaper.
(This was before internet people.)

And that’s one of the reason’s I’m determined in providing thought provoking information, through Flip the Beetle.
Anything that can possibly help other’s and widen they’re scope of interest in pursuing knowledge is worth the effort.
My thought pattern is if I find this stuff interesting someone else probably does as well.

Base line is, wouldn’t it be nice to at least know about alternatives to deodorant and make an informed decision instead of looking down a tunnel with only one option at the end of it?

COVID has been a shit show FOR SURE but it certainly gave us a chance to look inwards, reflect on stuff and maybe learn a few things along the way (thank you you-tube).
Stopping store-bought deodorant in my life was only one of the things I challenged myself with during this time.

More importantly I wanted to make sure this time mattered.
Waiting for anything, be it restrictions to be lifted or some other anticipated outcome, should never stop your life.
Make that pause MEAN something, fill it with living so you never look back and think what a waste of time.

Want to do your own deodorant free experiment?
Get the recipe for my Under Arm Love Balm here.

No I love YOU more

I’ve got a lot more to share with you so let’s stay in touch why don’t we?
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4 thoughts on “Pit STOPS Here

  1. Hey Chris!! I read your blog today… I’m on a ship working and I wanted you to know that I also wear all natural deodorant and have been feeling my armpits for quite some time now… and
    Ear Hustle is one of my favorite podcasts too!!!!
    Hugs ( even if they aren’t allowed)
    Gayle xo


    1. I just knew there was someone else out there who had the same interests I do! I think being on a ship is one of the best places to be ❤ keep fighting for those sunrise watches and here's hugs right back at you my friend.


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