TIME for you

Last march we were told to stay at home, by the government.
All of us.
I made a few decisions that day that will inevitably change the course of my life and I’d like to share those with you.
These decisions have flipped a negative into a positive and you my friend, can easily do the same.

The counter has started for yet another province wide semi shut down.
Some things are kinda open and some doors have been slammed shut.

Do not slam the door on your life. You won’t recover from that.
When you look back I don’t want you say ‘what a colossal waste of time that was’.

You can change the narrative starting today.

I was looking for more than Netflix and alcohol

Here are the things I decided to do for myself to make this restricted time MEAN SOMETHING.

I QUIT buying deodorant, toothpaste, and any mass manufactured skin care.
Yup ALL of it.
I’d seen some all natural options online and thought why not give it a go.
And oh boy do I have some things to say about these decisions and what I found (posts to follow).

On the other hand I STARTED daily yoga, clean eating (dairy and gluten free) and making some of the all natural body care items I felt confident enough to try with the help of trusted sources.

These decisions were made because we had a calculated amount of down time and I wanted to make absolutely SURE that it wasn’t going to be an entire month of Netflix and alcohol.

here is your challenge

It’s now one year later, and we’re all a bit more weary and beaten down with all the mixed messages, negativity and anger that hits us on every level.

Flip the beetle, stop hyper focusing on the avalanche of messaging from the media.
Stay up to date. You know the gist of it, don’t get too emotionally involved.
It will change over and over again, this thing is in motion and constantly evolving.

Here in Ontario, Canada April 3rd, 2021 marks another province wide shut down of 28 days.

Here’s what I suggest to get through this thing without regret.

Pick some thing to commit to 100%. Make a deal with yourself.
Doesn’t matter if it works out in the end or you miss a day.
But try.
Every day you TRY is a victory!
And when you wake up every day you can make the decision to push on since you have already completed x number of days and that THING you picked and this isn’t forever just 28 days.

so how did it all work out?

Clearly I wanted to try a BUNCH of things all at once which was aggressive to say the least.

Nevertheless, I did them all, and 350 + days later (I missed a few days here and there) I’m stronger, healthier.

Doesn’t matter what you pick.
A jigsaw puzzle.
One word search a day.
20 min walks
Read 1 chapter a day.
Cut out gluten.
One veggie day a week.

It can be as small or big as you want.
By doing this you can look back at this time and say ‘Oh ya I remember that. That was when I tried_____ for 28 days’.

This can be applied to ANY month.
Start on day 1.
See what happens.

Self care is NEVER a waste of time ❤

Read more about my no deodorant experiment here.

By sharing this post you’ve flipped the beetle – feel good!
By signing up you’ve started the journey to new and interesting ways to be kind to yourself.

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