Eggs – the perfect peel revealed

Ever peeled an egg that didn’t want to be peeled?
You know what I’m talking about.
Frustrating isn’t it?

You know what’s more frustrating? RESEARCHING how to peel an egg.
I have spent a lifetime trying every stupid egg peeling hack on the planet and now I finally found it.

The reason it’s taken a lifetime is because I’ve had other things to do like oh I don’t know – have a life?
The best research always comes after unsuccessful peeling perfect eggs for an appetizer like deviled eggs.
Than pivoting to an egg and potato salad because the eggs were COMPLETELY mutilated in the peeling process – again!

Not anymore friends here it is, step by step. PERFECT peeled eggs every time.
I know, I know, exciting!

Step 1 – The Boiling

THE POT – use one that will accommodate all the eggs you want use on one level – no stacking.

THE WATER– place enough water in the pot so that the eggs will be completely submerged when added.
You can eyeball it or place all the eggs in the pot, cover them with water and then remove them before you put the pot on too boil.

THE BOIL – bring the desired amount of water and 1 tbsp of any cooking oil (magical ingredient) to a lazy boil as opposed to a rolling boil.
Not sure what a lazy boil is?
Checkout this YouTube video and go to the 45 second mark of the video.

Place the eggs into the water gently with a spoon and set the timer for:
13 minutes – hard boiled
10 min – medium
6 or less – for soft

Remove from pot with a spoon cause they’ll be HOT!.
Place in a bowl and run cold water over top until manageable.
If you have an endless supply of ice than go ahead and put the eggs in a bowl with some ice water otherwise cold water is fine..

Step 2 – The Rolling?

Yes, rolling.

Place an egg on a flat surface and gently roll it like this:

Be gentle rolling it. You will feel / hear it crackling under your hand.

If you’re not gentle this weirdness happens:

Kind of impressive but for what…I do not know. That is the perfect example of aggressive rolling.

When you feel like it’s 60% crackled under your rolling start peeling.

It should peel very smoothly and the shell might even stay connected! This kind of blew my mind.

I’m all excited about the shell but lookie here – no gray outline just boiled perfection.

It might take 3 eggs to ramp up your peeling prowess and figure out the exact pressure to apply but after that you’re golden.

This process works because the oil permeates the shell and fills the space between the innards and the shell allowing for a kind of built in buffer.

No more egg sticking to the shell, no more research.

You have just entered the realm of egg peeling perfection!

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference.

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