Sleepy Time home brew

Sleep is precious.

Teach your body to recognize the rituals of winding down to prepare for slumber and make this tea your anchor before bed.

This home made sleepy time brew is made by…YOU!

No packaging, no marketing. Just you and your local lavender farm and health food store having a meeting of the minds (and hearts).

what you need

Small mixing bowl and a glass jar


2 parts chamomile flowers (dry)
2 parts lavender, dried
1 part lemon balm
1 part peppermint

These items are not at the grocery store. Just pop over to your local health food store. They should have a bulk area and be able to set you up.

Otherwise google local herbal suppliers in your area and have them delivered right to your door!

Always support local first. These are your people!

If your lucky you have a lavender farm around you or on the way to the cottage. Talk to the experts – there’s a whole world of fun lavender stuff to be tried!

this is how we do it

Mix everything up in a small bowl and store in a glass jar.

To have a cuppa before bed you will need one of the tea vessels shown above.

2 tsp in the contraption of your choice, let steep in boiled water 5 min OR if your using a tea ball – leave it in while you sip!

I know what you’re thinking, what do I do with these leftover herbs? Keep em I say. Cool dry place in a glass jar.

This tea will become a part of your night time routine and you will fall in love with it like I did.

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