Freshest of Flowers Hack🌸

Fresh cut flowers have this amazing way of oozing happiness into a room.

But, they don’t seem to last very long (for me) and that’s just aggravating.

Fresh cut flowers are expensive and if they would just last a week I’d be happy.

But how?

Bleach. That’s how.

I know it sounds looney tunes but here’s the hack: add a capful of bleach to a large vase of fresh cold water.

This kills any bacteria that is on the stems or created in the water from sunlight exposure. You see it’s the bacteria that kills your flowers.

If it’s a small vase just a drop or 2 of bleach.

When the water starts to look a little iffy change the water clean out the vase and repeat with bleach.

It works!

Don’t just give flowers, give the gift of extended life with this hack.

Also – do buy flowers for yourself cause darlings, YOU can just celebrate being YOU!

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