How to store cucumbers 

The way you store your cucumbers is EVERYTHING!

What’s worse than going into the fridge and finding a slimy, warped, deteriorating cucumber goo where you left that crisp, smooth fresh one the other day?
Ok, lot’s of things but it sucks.
Cucumbers are the epitome of fresh – they got that spa water freshness, that crisp salad coolness.

Some times you don’t get to them as soon as you thought you would OR they get hidden under all the lighter veg in your crisper.

How do you store your cucumbers?
I’ve tried foil, saran wrap, bee wrap, voodoo and prayers. None of these work.
But this method does!

All you need is a bag (any bag will do, ziplock or grocery bag) and paper towel.

Add a black marker if you want to conduct your own fresh test.

Get all that plastic wrap off it, do not clean it (water is the enemy when storing cucumbers).
Place it in a bag – do not close the bag.

That’s it.
Grab chunk when you need it (wash at this point) and re-wrap for further storage.

Not exactly sure why I wrote ‘cucumber’ on there…

This is my cucumber on May 5th – 12 days sitting time.
Skin is perfect.

The end is a little dry but not definitely not slimey.

This basically will keep your cucumbers fresh for 3 weeks maybe more.

No more food waste.

No more wasting your hard earned cash on another cucumber doomed for the slime demise in your crisper.

No more wasted time cleaning out all those brutal corners in your crisper as well as all the other veg that got covered in the slime that was once your beautiful cucumber.
(I know you know what I’m talking about here.)

Cucumbers aren’t just for salads either!

    Iced water with thin sliced cucumbers is incredibly refreshing and makes you feel fancy!
    Add thinly sliced fresh jalapenos and cucumbers to your short glass before the booze and muddle them with the back of a knife handle or a muddler (if you have one).
    1 1/2 oz gin
    Topped with tonic water
    Add 1/2 tsp peppercorns
    Rub a slice of cucumber over irritated skin for instant relief.
    Place cool slices over top of closed (cause open would be a challenge) eyes and relax for 20 minutes.
Budapest Gin and Tonic

be cool like a cucumber

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