dot dot dot Bean Salad

aka 3 bean salad.

My rule has always been if someone gives you a recipe and you embrace it into your rotation with friends and family, you ALWAYS give the creator credit when someone asks for the recipe.

So Dorothy (Dot) this ones for you. I’ve been making this since 1999 and can eat this whole bowl over the course of a few days for every meal. Not even joking.

thanks for this 🙏

what you need

  • Large bowl or large ziplock
  • Mason jar
  • Measuring cup


You can use frozen beans as stated above but I usually just use the canned version and make sure these are pantry staples at ALL times.

That way I always have this salad in my back pocket should I need to bump up a dinner menu due to unexpected guests.

this is how we do it

  • Place all the veggies and beans in a container (preferably glass but if your taking it on the road to a potluck large ziplock works great)
  • Add all the dressing ingredients to a mason jar and shake well
  • Add dressing to veggies and let marinate for 4 hours

If you love a tangy salad with the right balance of sweet and vinegar, you will love this.

Include it in your batch cooking on the weekend and enjoy it for lunch during the week.

A hand written recipe is a dying art.

Why not give the gift of a recipe you love (hand written) along with all the main ingredients for the next ‘what do you get someone who has everything’ occasion!

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