soggy Salad and Spinach be Gone!

There are many things in the realm of your control.

Some have not made their presence known to you.

Like perhaps how to keep spinach or bagged salad (I’m not judging you, bagged salad does happen) from turning to goo within a day of purchase.

Lets increase the moments you have with your bagged greens, and keep more greens in your wallet with this life hack.

This huge bowl of farm fresh lettuce was purchased by way of a CSA (community supported agriculture) movement.

They are everywhere just google what’s around you and support the local farmers directly.

I would normally never buy this much spinach at once unless I was having people over.

Reason being it would get soggy then liquify and before you know it, I’d have a new thing to add to my ‘I hate to do list’. You’ve been there, you know it, it’s cleaning out the fridge as well as wiping down all the unfortunate veggies that made contact with the aforementioned sludge.

Not fun. I have funner things to do.

A little prep when you get home and your good for over a week with these green vitamin packed lovelies.

It’s easy. Place a couple sheets of paper towel in the bottom of the bag.

Like this:

Put the spinach BACK into the bag.

Wrap it up haphazardly and place it in the fridge.

You’re done.

Fast forward to one week later.

As you can see by the image below, the spinach has been put to good use and has shrunk in size.

But! Not liquified.

There isn’t even a dark, getting ready to go off at any moment, leaf!

Keep your $$ in your pocket.

Don’t skip over the spinach because ‘it will just go bad’ mentality.

This stuff is good for you and can be added to sauces, smoothies, salads and soups.

Benefits of Spinach

  • contains chlorophyll which aids in the detoxification of harmful toxins in the body.
  • has fat soluble fibre to help with digestion and lower blood sugar.
  • healthy eyes!
  • has vitamin k ( which we get from the sun) for strong bones and great if you live in a sunless winter wonderland zone.
  • Helps reduce potassium in the body which reduces hypertension which helps lower blood pressure.
  • Sleep better – high levels of zinc and magnesium.
  • Vitamin A rich which boosts immunity by replenishing white blood cells.

Say YES to spinach but NO to green goo at the bottom of your fridge!

Stay healthy and subscribe to stay inspired.

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