Instant Pot hard boiled eggs

Who here is a fan of easy raise their hand 🙋🏻‍♀️

Me too!

It’s not that hard boiled eggs are complicated, cause they’re not.

However you do have to watch the water, set a timer and heat up your entire kitchen if you go by the traditional ‘boiling in a pot method’.

This is a into the pot and walk away success story!

Great for meal prep and … actually just great all round. Let’s do this!

what you need

  • Instant Pot (I used 6 qt)
  • Metal foldy type steamer basket


  • 6 – 12 eggs
  • 3/4 cup water

this is how we do it

1. Place water in the IP (instant pot).

2. Put basket in the IP and fill with eggs.

3. Set timer for 7 minutes on Pressure Cook setting. Lock your lid and make sure the vent on top is closed.

When the vent comes *down you can remove the eggs and plunge into cold or ice water.

Peel and voila⬇️

Perfect hard boiled eggs!

*NOTE: You can speed up the dropping of the vent by throwing a tea towel on top of the vent and using a spoon to open it up through the towel.

This will capture most of the hot steam and allow you to open the vent safely.

If you’re like screw the IP I like doing things the traditional way, check out Eggs – the perfect peel revealed.

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