No Boil Potato Salad Hack (Instant Pot)

Don’t heat up your whole kitchen for potato salad EVER AGAIN.

Use your Instant Pot.

Yes, another reason to have an Instant Pot.

This takes the whole watching water boil and poking things out of the equation.

You’re gonna love this hack!

For one potato salad I used 4lbs russet potatoes (more or less). Try my pucker up Potato salad!

  • Peel, cube & rinse potatoes

Add 1 cup water to your Instant Pot.

  • Grab the metal thingy (trivet)

Looks like this:

So that’s what that thing is!

Place it in the Instant Pot with the 1 cup of water in the pot.

Dump your cubed potatoes into the Instant Pot, seal lid.

Make sure vent is set to seal.

Press Pressure Cook (Manual) button and set for 3 minutes.


But not too far.

Once the beeper goes off complete, wait for 3-5 minutes, throw a tea towel on the vent and push the vent to the vent position for a quick release (use a spoon to keep you away from the steam).

Spread out to cool.

Ahhhh what’s not to love about this.

Now hash browns, and potato salad are achievable easily, any time no matter what your mood or the weather.

I ❤️ Instant Pot

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