Hey there, nice to meet you!


I’m Christina Solonynko, founder and publisher of Flip the Beetle.

A freelance writer, culinary nutrition expert, yacht chef, and vacation broker.
As a devout Occasionarian I dabble in the things that either taste good, benefit my life the most and ideally both those things together.
What are those things? Constantly evolving.
With every new experience comes a new perspective.

In 2014 my partner in life and I sold everything to sail the Caribbean, if you were ever thinking you’d like to do that check out Knot Anchored for our journey straight from the beginning.
Since then we’ve visited (26 countries), and sailed (5,000+ sea miles).
This experience opened my eyes to a life of minimalism and narrowed my senses to the things most important in life – which are in fact, not things at all.
Food. Health. Relationships.

Life is the classroom.
This blog is my shared library – enjoy!