Mushroom Fritters

These could easily be called mushroom burgers. How great is this for our vegetarian friends? Born out of a promise to myself to not let mushrooms go bad in my fridge anymore and a vow to find new and exciting ways to love them. Results are in, these fritters are such a refreshing change to … More Mushroom Fritters


Salsa is a mouth memory that immediately transports you to sunshine and salt air. This simple salsa recipe is the real deal. Made in Mexico. With fresh Mexican ingredients. Ultimately devoured in Mexico. If you’re not in Mexico or have never been that’s ok. This salsa will take your taste buds there. What this salsa … More salsa!

Speedy air fryer Salmon

Sometimes the day is long and hard. Sometimes you feel broken (ie you’ve been splitting wood all day in the damp fall weather). Someone’s gotta cook something cause hunger doesn’t care. This incredible, soul satisfying, salmon meal takes as much energy to make as grabbing a box of macaroni and cheese. Do your body good … More Speedy air fryer Salmon